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The SAG Lightweight K31 Rifle Chassis is a premium class rifle stock designed to get maximum performance out of both rifle and the shooter. It takes full advantage of modern engineering, design and manufacturing technologies, resulting in a level of precision the K31 straight-pull rifle deserves.

Main idea behind SAG Lightweight K31 Rifle Chassis was to give shooter AR ergonomics of a Tube-gun but with lines of the classic rifle. The chassis “wraps” the shooter around the rifle, moving bolt operation under the shooters cheek to allow the marksman maintain same cheek weld during the whole shooting series.
Such ergonomic change also allows shorter Eye Relief which results in moving Optics forward. And this change finally gives freeway to case extraction without brass flying back into the action.

SAG Lightweight K31 Rifle Chassis features is precision CNC machined from a solid billet of high strength aircraft grade aluminum and features:

  • Adjustable cheek piece (0-30mm)
  • Adjustable buttpad (+-30 mm)
  • Adjustable LOP (11.5” – 14.5”)
  • KEYMOD interface on the foreend (14-Keymod slots long)
  • KEYMOD interface on the buttstock (3-Keymod slots long)
  • Any AR pistol grip (Beavertail or not) usage
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Overall chassis weight is 1280 grams \ 2 lbs 13 oz

The SAG Lightweight Schmidt-Rubin K31 Rifle is hard anodized for a beautiful and durable matte finish.

Chassis was designed to use together with aftermarket optics rail (receiver or rear sight base mounted, sold separately). Chassis comes as a standard with A2 pistol grip.

Weight 1280 g


Production method


Rifle weight change after installation