SAG new SVD / SVDS universal adjustable buttstock is a state of the art solution for the Dragunov platform which makes this excellent rifle a true shooter’s piece of equipment.
Installed in place of the base buttstocks, it brings full range of toolless adjustments to the platform.

LOP adjustment range: 11,5” – 15.5” (290mm – 390mm)
Cheek height adjustment range: 0 + 2,2” (0mm + 56mm)
Buttpad height adjustment range: -1.5” + 1.5” (-38mm + 38mm)

The body and all elements of the buttstock are precisely machined from T7075 aircraft grade aluminum alloy, cheek piece is machined from black polymer.

SVDS attachment tooth is made from hardened 4140 steel, while adapter for SVD (which acts also as AR pistol grip attachment point) is also made from billet aluminium.

Weight of the assembled stock with attachment adapter is 649 grams (22.8 oz)

Weight N/A
Weight added to rifle after installation

+40 – +90 grams depends on base SVD / SVDS version