SAG AK AR buttstock adapter is one piece CNC’d part which will allow you to use your beloved AR buttsock with your AK (5.5mm rear folding trunnion)

It allows user to fully collapse AR buttstock forward up to the receiver.

Since the part is machined from billet aluminium it is NOT designed to act as a folding base (steel tooth in the receiver will eat it out). The part is very light – 175 grams, you will save at least 130 grams from “steel adapter + AR buffer tube” combo.
Adapter is designed to host MIL-SPEC AR buttstocks but will fit COMM-SPEC buttstocks too.

Though SAG AK AR buttstock adapter brings Axis of the buttstock up 7mm to ensure shooter will mitigate recoil easier, shooter is still be able to use the irons.

SAG AK AR buttstock adapter hosts 2 QD flushcups for QD sling slivels as well as a loop for paracord.

Recommended for use with our SAG AK sidemounts and SAG AK freefloat chassis.