The SAG AK HANDGUARD MK1 is one-pack upgrade set for АК47 АК74 АК100 and SAIGA rifles (stamped receiver) which gives your AK freefloat foreend with ability to install Bipods, PEQs AND a Red Dot sight in scout configuration at the same time.
This upgrade pack can be installed on your AK rifle in 15 minutes without any special tools.
The SAG AK HANDGUARD MK1 features:

  • Low-profile monolithic railed gastube with 0MOA MIL-STD-1913 rail to mount various Red Dot scopes in scout position along with PEQs and Lights. The gastube stays in place during disassembly for cleaning which ensures there is NO zero shift (use 20ga patch to clean the gastube).
  • Slim-profile M-LOK handguard, which covers the barrel to the end of the gastube (4 M-LOK slots version) or to the end of gasblock (5 M-LOK and 7 M-LOK slots versions). Handguard allows installation of bipods, plastic panels, MIL-STD-1913 rail sections in user-adaptable configuration. Thus the barrel is freefloated, there is NO POI shift when shooting from sandbag, rest or bipod (Base handguard bracket should be removed).

The SAG AK HANDGUARD MK1 designed to be installed in DIY manner.
Check the installation manual in DOWNLOAD section

If you cannot remove original handguard bracket with the slingloop please order 3 (VITYAZ), 4 and 7 M-LOK slots AK version. AK 5 M-LOK slots version requires user to remove original handguard bracket with the slingloop.


SAG AK handguard MK1 installation

Download PDF file