Our New AK VEPR ACOG side mount is a state of the art solution for those who don’t want to alter the original state of their rifle, but do want to use modern optics at the same time.
Built in ACOG interface allow you to mount ACOG (or any other sight with M16 carry handle prism) to the sidemount via direct screws thus lowering the scope axis closer to the bore axis and eliminating unnecessary 1913 clamp-on weight.
The mount was designed to work with any AK siderail (with or without vertical screw cut) and any non-railed top-covers.

Low weight, CNC’d from one piece of billet aluminum and anodized to the black finish. Clamp element is made of steel.
You just install our mount, tight it in place with torque driver, install the scope on the sidemount, zero it and just use it.
Our mount stays in place, doesn’t block irons, and doesn’t block disassembly of the rifle.

After you shoot out the barrel of you rifle, just re-install our sidemount on to the new.
Should you need to remove the mount – no problem. It will hold zero, if you use torque driver with same level of torque (65 inchlbs / 7,5N*m) each time you tight the bolts.


SAG sidemounts manual

Download PDF file